We are now accepting applications up to and including the deadline of 12th April 2024 and are looking to hold auditions on Saturday 8th June 2024 at St Mary’s Church, Perivale Lane, Perivale, Middlesex, UB6 8SS

Please apply using the form below and either send it by post to the contact address or email it to info@eileenrowemusicaltrust.org

Two references should be included with the application, one of which must be the applicant’s piano teacher or school music teacher. If selected for audition, applicants will be required to play two contrasting pieces within a maximum time-limit of 15 minutes.


The Eileen Rowe Musical Trust has been set up in memory of one of the UK’s finest and most naturally gifted piano teachers. Miss Eileen Rowe (1914 – 2008) was born in the London Borough of Ealing, remaining to live and work there for the rest of her life. Not many piano teachers in the UK could match the influence of Miss Rowe, a leading light in the music profession for some 75 years.

She gave a lifetime of service to the training of students of all ages, but gained a nationwide reputation as a specialist in inspiring young people from the very first piano lesson until they went on to college or university.

As well as teaching the piano, she trained and encouraged young teachers at the beginning of their careers (many of them former pupils of hers), by forming the Eileen Rowe Pianoforte School. Miss Rowe’s legacy to the music world, the Eileen Rowe Musical Trust, supports young pianists under 21 years of age from the London Borough of Ealing, as she wished.

Registered Charity number 1139448

Registered in England company number 7275507


Andrew Yiangou

I am very grateful to the Eileen Rowe Musical Trust who awarded me a scholarship towards my piano studies at the Royal College of Music. This generous award was given to me for two years and helped me to continue my education at the RCM. As somebody who was born and bred in Ealing, I was very happy to be a recipient of this award and proud to be awarded in memory of a wonderful person and piano teacher , Eileen Rowe. The dedication of Eileen Rowe and her importance in Ealing, has also inspired me to spread my joy and love for classical music in the area. Together with my fiancée Joanna Kacperek, we have founded ‘Ealing Piano Studios’ where we teach piano lessons to the local community.

Noah Zhu

The ERMT has supported me in my musical studies for a number of years now, and I think it is safe to say that without this backing I would not have continued to pursue the piano. To a student, a little financial backing can really go a long way, not just in terms of revealing new opportunities, but also in terms of building confidence as a performer – which is something I believe is often overlooked. In my years supported by the ERMT, my studies have taken me to the Royal Academy of Music and across 8 countries, where I have had the opportunities to connect not only with established professionals, but also like-minded individuals of my own generation, and I am sure that many collaborations will take place between such contacts in the future. As an Ealing resident, the decision I made to apply for the first time all those years ago was absolutely life-changing, and I could not recommend it enough to others. I am so thankful for all the support that they have given me in the past, and I look forward to maintaining a strong relationship with the ERMT in the future.

Harriett Kennedy

A wonderful music teacher at my high school in Ealing got me in touch with the Eileen Rowe Musical Trust. I am so grateful for the generosity that this charity has shown me over the years. As a pianist and trumpeter firstly at the RCM Junior Department, the trust then supported me with my tuition fees to study music at the University of Manchester. Thanks to their support, I am now in a position where I can study a masters knowing that I have much less student debt to worry about.

Jeevan Singh Farthing

The ERMT has been helping me from Grade 5 up to my ARSM diploma, and having that support has meant so much to me. I remember from my earliest auditions, the board members were always interested in what I was doing and really encouraging. I got my first award from the ERMT while in year seven at Twyford CofE High School in Ealing and it gave me a big confidence boost when performing and collaborating with my peers. The financial assistance provided was a big help to my parents and I know it was relief for them to have the cost of my piano lessons covered. I can’t thank the ERMT board members enough and I’d urge all eligible young pianists in Ealing to consider being part of this fantastic scheme.

Dominic Carrington

The generous support of the ERMT has changed my life. As I come from a low-income household, my desire to pursue a path in music was shrouded in financial concern. The ERMT entirely erased this concern. With their help, since graduating from Twyford CofE High School in Ealing, I have been able to study for a music degree at King’s College, Cambridge. Thanks to the astounding kindness of the ERMT, I have the luxury of being able to fully enjoy my university experience. Among many other things, ERMT support has meant I can continue seeing my piano teacher in Ealing as much as possible, which has been hugely beneficial. I cannot recommend the ERMT to anyone any more highly. If you are eligible to apply, do so – you will not regret it!


Applications are invited from highly talented pianists up to and including the age of 20 years at the time of being granted the award, who are in need of financial assistance.

There is no restriction on nationality, but applicants should either be resident or be educated in Ealing. Education includes musical education. Awards are currently made to pianists only.

A printable version of our application form is available to download:



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Registered Charity number 1139448

Registered in England company number 7275507

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