Eileen Rowe pic for websiteThe Eileen Rowe Musical Trust has been set up in memory of one of the UK’s finest and most naturally gifted piano teachers. Miss Eileen Rowe (1914 – 2008) was born in the London Borough of Ealing, remaining to live and work there for the rest of her life. Not many piano teachers in the UK could match the influence of Miss Rowe, a leading light in the music profession for some 75 years.

She gave a lifetime of service to the training of students of all ages, but gained a nationwide reputation as a specialist in inspiring young people from the very first piano lesson until they went on to college or university.

As well as teaching the piano, she trained and encouraged young teachers at the beginning of their careers (many of them former pupils of hers), by forming the Eileen Rowe Pianoforte School. Miss Rowe’s legacy to the music world, the Eileen Rowe Musical Trust, supports young pianists under 21 years of age from the London Borough of Ealing, as she wished.

The trust’s registered address is 13, St Stephens Road, Ealing, London W13 8HB. The Trust is a registered charity with number 1139448.